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You have a great business with a product people love. You are on your way to the top! You can reach your goal more easily if you have a quality system that helps you improve, stay competitive, and meet the required regulations. Want to hear the good news? I can do this for you.

Who am I?

I am Vivian O’Kane and I have been doing this for more than 20 years. In this time, I have helped people and their businesses reach higher quality standards in different processes. If you have a cafeteria, I can help you. Are you a food or pharmaceutical producer at a high standard? I can improve the performance of your business. Is there something in your service that can be improved? Let me know. I’ll be glad to help you reach higher quality standards.

My goal is to improve the processes and results your business currently offers. To make this real, I will team up with you and develop tools and solutions, implement them, and create a system that solves the specific needs that your business needs to get solved. With this, better results can find an easier way to come.

Aiming for the best

My definition of success

When a user-friendly solution is found and becomes a path for my clients to follow so they can work more efficiently while meeting or exceeding the quality management standards. That is what success means to me.

The importance of knowing


I have the experience and expertise your business needs. Through the time I have been working in quality assurance, I have discovered how quality management can bring important benefits to every aspect of your business. It does not matter if you run a small café or a large pharmaceutical company, the main goal of my work is to maintain and improve your products and services, so your customers find in your business a reliable solution for their needs. 

Quality management involves different topics. It is not only a price or packaging matter. What’s the use of having a good product if you can’t deliver on time? My work has given me the chance of creating, implementing, developing, and maintaining quality systems. Sometimes, a small change delivers a great impact. Let’s take a look at the whole picture and then deep dive into the tiniest details. I can help your business run better than you ever imagined.


A sample of how it works

Task: Find an easier way to identify pallets of product in the warehouse. The current practice needed the packing staff to handwrite pallet labels using marker pens on recycled pieces of cardboard. This had several flaws, being the main one that the marker pens faded and cards became unreadable. Also, the sizes of the cards were not unified, so some of them could not be read when placed on the top rack in the warehouse.

Action: Create a spreadsheet for packing room staff to print the pallet cards. They could select the product name on it and the product code automatically entered on the card. The user only had to enter the batch and the expiry date and print the card.

Result: An estimated saving of time of, at least, 80 hours per year. The new spreadsheet saved time in the packing room and warehouse for incoming and outgoing goods. This time made improvements for the business even greater. A simple solution with a significant impact.


You are the one who best understands your business, its opportunity areas, and goals you have in mind. I work with you and your staff to make things happen.

Tailor-made solutions

Your business is unique and so are its needs. I will develop a quality system and efficient tools to increase the quality of your processes.

Implementation and Supervision

I will make the system work for you and make sure it is working as it is expected to. Meanwhile, I perform a process verification to determine if any actions can be improved.  

  • National Program and Food Control Plans registration and significant changes
  • Risk Management Programs registration and significant changes
  • Self-verification/Internal Auditing
  • Document Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Non-conformances
  • Staff training
You are the one who best understands your business. I work with you and your staff to understand your needs.
Developing a system and tools to meet your unique requirements.
Rolling out the system and checking it is working as planned while looking for new improvements

Let us help you solve your quality management needs. We can help you with:

  • National Programme and Food Control Plans registration and significant changes
  • Risk Management Programmes registration and significant changes
  • Self verification/Internal Auditing
  • Document Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Non-conformances
  • Staff training

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